Outchimp website uses a Govt. licensed third party payment gateway provider to process its payments through the website in a fast and secure manner.

The process is as follows;

1) Buyer makes the payment for a package or job through our website via bank cards or mobile financial service operator.
2) Payment is instantly received by the Govt. licensed third party payment gateway provider.
3) Payments are disbursed to Outchimp company account by the third party payment on a weekly basis.
4) Outchimp credits the amount to sellers Outchimp Account.
5) Sellers may request a withdrawal of amount to the bank or MFS accounts updated in their profile during profile set up.
6) Outchimp verifies the request internally or by other means in some cases then disburses the requested amount within 7 days to the sellers beneficiary account after charging a 5% fee as its service charge.
7) Seller receives the amount.